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"Put On Pink" For Breast Cancer Research


IT’S THAT TIME of year again: time to Put on Pink! October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and with your help, our practice is increasing awareness and raising funds to support breast cancer research.

Breast Cancer Can Affect Anyone

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, with one in eight being diagnosed during their lifetime. It’s estimated that over 250,000 more women will have been diagnosed with breast cancer by the end of this year in the United States alone, and 40,000 women will have succumbed to the disease.

Although it’s rare, men may also be diagnosed with breast cancer, with approximately 2,150 cases being diagnosed each year.

My personal interest in donating to breast cancer research comes from my family experiences. My grandmother past away from breast cancer when I was a child. As a teenager I watched my aunt struggling with the different treatment modalities when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember her devastation when she had mastectomy and the agony of chemotherapy. I have a daughter now myself and I do not want to see her going through what she had gone through. That is why I want to raise awareness for breast cancer prevention and research.

Hope Through Medical Advancements

While the diagnosis and death statistics for breast cancer are still unacceptably high, thanks to advancements in early detection, improvements in treatment, and increased awareness, survival rates have gone up steadily since 1989.

Put On Pink And We’ll Donate!

When our patients show support for breast cancer research, so can we! You can help us donate to this great cause in three simple steps:

Step 1: Pledge to post a photo of yourself putting on pink on your personal social media pages.

Step 2: Put on some pink or choose a pink prop in our office and take your photo!

Step 3: Post the photo to Facebook as a public post and tag the location of our practice!

For every tagged photo of one of our patients wearing pink, we will make a contribution to breast cancer research!

We will donate $1.00 for every tagged post to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation until October 31st.

Together, We Can Make A Difference

We’re looking forward to this opportunity to work with you, our wonderful patients and friends, to help raise awareness during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

As your trusted, lifelong health partner, we want to do anything we can to keep you and your loved ones as healthy as possible. If you have any questions about breast cancer, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be able to direct you toward the information and resources you need. And don’t forget…

Put On Pink to show your support!