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Routine Care, Follow Up and Consultations 

We pride ourselves on offering top-quality dental care with the utmost comfort and heart. Please share your concerns and fears and know that we will extend every effort to ease your nerves while providing you with superb care. We want your first visit, and all visits thereafter, to be a comfortable, relaxing and satisfying experience.

Routine Care (cleaning):

On your first visit, Dr. Samsavar will review your medical and dental history, discuss any dental concerns you may have, determine if any x-rays are necessary, and evaluate any signs of tooth decay, gum disease or cavities. Following your cleaning, he will discuss his findings and any future treatment plans. Regular 6 month checkups are an integral part of keeping you and your smile healthy. Average appointments are 60 to 90 minutes.

Although we are not in insurance networks, we gladly prepare all your insurance paperwork and submit it for you so that you can take advantage of any available benefits. Please bring along your insurance card.

Follow Up Care:

Follow up care will include your next routine cleaning and any additional treatment that you and Dr. Samsaver have decided upon.


Consultations are designed to assist you in making decisions about your dental care. This could include concerns about a specific tooth, your bite or a cosmetic smile makeover. Dr. Samsavar will discuss your questions and give you options so that you can make the best possible choice for yourself. He doesn't assume that he knows what your primary desire is. You can always call Dr. Samsavar if further questions arise after your appointment. It's important that you fully understand the process, your involvement, and cost prior to commencing with your dental work.