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Scheduling your Venetian Porcelain

Thank you for choosing us for your "beautiful smile" consultation. We always enjoy our creative time with our patients. We always strive to answer your questions and give you options so that you will be able to make the best possible choice for yourself. You may find that following your consultation other questions come to mind once you are out of the office. Please feel free to call us; questions can usually be answered over the phone. It's of paramount importance to us that our patients fully understand the process of creating a beautiful smile and their involvement in that process prior to commencing with their dental work.

Following are the steps taken to create your beautiful smile:

Consultation: During this appointment, we discuss your concerns and desires and want to know what your image of a beautiful smile is. We don't assume we know what our patients want. Often we do a "mock-up" which helps Dr. Samsavar replicate that image. This participatory process provides opportunities for discussion and feedback. This also helps him know how much work is required to provide the look you desire. With that information, we will be able to provide options as well as the cost and time required to restore your smile.

Models/Records: During this 1 hour appointment we take necessary x-rays to make sure you have healthy roots. We also take a series of pictures, both facial and intraoral, as well as create models. This is a good time for any last questions. Over the next several days Dr. Samsavar will do your case on your models. Any problems he may encounter are worked out before your prep date. Your models are also used to create temporaries. If we're whitening your teeth prior to doing your work, please add 2 hours to this appointment. Your teeth will need to "settle" for about 10 days before proceeding. 

Color Match: This 30 minute appointment is for those who will be having a limited number of teeth restored and need restorations to match existing teeth, i.e. 2 to 4 front teeth. Our ceramist will be present for this appointment. 

Preparation: This prep appointment is the longest of your appointments - up to 4 to 5 hours. We will get your teeth numb and shape them for your new restorations. You'll want to dress comfortably and bring a movie along, or watch one of ours, to help time pass quickly. Your temporaries will be placed and you'll walk out the door with teeth that simulate the final restorations. Your case is then sent to our Master Ceramist; it will take him from 1 to 2 weeks to build your restorations. 

Try-In: This 1 hour appointment is mandatory in our office. We will gently remove your temporaries with out numbing you. We need your lips awake and functional. We'll then set your restorations in place. Dr. Samsavar, our ceramic artist and you get to see the final product before it becomes permanent. We're looking for any small changes that will improve your case. Usually the changes are just small "tweaks" that make the difference between good work, and brilliant work. You are welcome to bring friends or family along. Our ceramist takes the restorations with him to make the changes needed and returns them 1 - 2 days later.

Seat: This 3 to 4 hour appointment is your second longest appointment. We'll get you numb, tuck you in, give you a movie and begin to permanently seat your porcelain restorations. You'll leave with your beautiful new smile.

Check back: This 1 hour appointment, 1 to 2 weeks after your seat appointment, is to check your gums and your restorations. We'll also take a series of pictures and records. If we are whitening some of your teeth after your work, please add 2 hours to this appointment.