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Juvederm fillers in Bellevue: One Great Way to Make Marionette Lines Disappear

For many men and women, the first signs of marionette lines are rather disturbing. On the off chance that you’ve never previously heard the term “marionette lines” before, please allow our Bellevue dentist to explain what they are and how a simple trip to Dr. Samsavar’s may help hold them at bay. Let’s start with an overview of what they are and why they form:

Marionette lines are what many people call the sagging skin that starts to appear at the corners of the mouth and other areas of the face. Considered to be a natural byproduct of aging, they normally form when our body’s bone density, collagen and elastin levels start to drop. However, they may also be caused by assorted health problems and lifestyle choices. The list of health problems that may cause the appearance of sagging skin includes, but are not limited to facial nerve palsy, cerebrovascular accidents, iatrogenic injuries, head trauma, Ramsey hunt syndrome and bell’s palsy. The assortment of lifestyle choices that may cause sagging includes tobacco smoking, prolonged UV exposure, weight loss and excessive drug use.

There are various ways to prevent and minimize the appearance of sagging around the mouth. Some of those methods are very intrusive (e.g. surgery) and require lengthy, physician monitored recovery periods. Others may be completed at home or in a Bellevue dentist’s office. The list of saggy mouth treatments that may take place at our International Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry includes facial exercises, nutritional counseling and Juvederm© filler injections. Of those three, the Juvederm filler injections tend to be the most popular.

The reasoning behind Juvederm© filler injections’ popularity tends to be multifaceted. Some patients love the fact that the injections are non-invasive, fast-acting, long-lasting and don’t require the completion of a complicated, post-recovery period. Others just adore the way that the Juvederm© fillers brighten up their appearance. To learn more about the injections and determine whether or not they’re right for you, please contact us today.