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Dr. Samsavar Chimes in on Polyethylene Ladan Toothpaste News.

All of us here at the International Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry recognize that nowadays people get their oral health news from a wide variety of sources. So our Bellevue dentist, Dr. Samsavar, wasn’t sure if everyone in the Greater Seattle area happened to catch the latest reports about toothpaste. It seems that some manufacturers have been making oral health products that contain polyethylene. And that has our entire dentistry team disturbed. Polyethylene, after all, is actually a form of flammable resin.

Bellevue dentistry patients should note that the products in question have previously received both FDA and the American Dental Association’s approval. So technically, they are classified as “okay” to use. However, we’d prefer it if our patients shied away from using such products because the questionable ingredient could very well get lodged inside of cavities, gaps that may be located at the gum line and in between teeth. Plus, they could wedge in between the teeth and orthodontic wires, which are often used in the creation of partial dentures and traditional braces. But that’s not all.

Believe it or not, there are forms of bacteria that can actually live off of polyethylene. Thanks to a review of various scientific experiments, two that our Bellevue dentistry team knows about are Pseudomonas and Sphingomonas. Often found in healthcare settings, both are gram-negative bacteria that can really make people ill. You can find out more about them through places like the Center for Disease Control and publications like the Journal of Hospital Infection.

To speak with Dr. Samsavar and the rest of our cosmetic dentistry team about finding oral health products that are polyethylene free, please contact us today. We can provide deep cleaning services to help remove any polyethylene that may already exist in people’s mouths and provide recommendations on which oral health products are best to use on a daily basis.