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Bellevue Dentist Urges Seniors to Overcome Barriers and Seek Care.

A report that appeared in the September 2014 issue of the American Journal of Health Behavior and statistics coming out of Washington State have Bellevue dentist, Dr. A. Samsavar, and his International Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry team gravely concerned about the Greater Seattle area’s senior population. Here’s why:

The report indicated that nationwide, an increasing number of America’s seniors are having a hard time accessing dental care and as a result, their oral health is suffering. One of the most frequently cited reasons for ignoring their teeth were not having a way to get back and forth from the dentist’s office. The list also included problems making appointments and issues related to navigating the dental health care system in general.

Sadly, the statistics for Washington State seem to back the researchers up. They indicate that many of our region’s seniors don’t have dental insurance and are living with troubling, unresolved health problems, like periodontal disease, cavities and missing teeth. Given that oral health has such an impact on a person’s quality of life, that’s understandably disconcerting to renowned dentists everywhere.

With that in mind, Dr. Samsavar and his team would like seniors to know that first rate, contemporary dental care is available in the Bellevue area to both the insured and the uninsured. Plus, smile makeovers are often quick and very affordable. And for those that don’t have their own way to get to and from dental appointments, there are resources available too. Among them are entities like the Eastside Easy Rider Collaborative, Senior Services Volunteer and Hopelink Transportation. So there is absolutely no need for seniors to live without healthy teeth and gums.

That said, seniors currently living with cosmetic or painful dental problems are encouraged to contact us. Our International Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry team can help schedule an appointment with our Bellevue dentist and answer any questions about navigating one’s way to pain free, oral health.