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Let us transform your smile with our Venetian Crowns! 

The Venetian dental crowns offered at our office are a state-of-the-art way to beautify and strengthen damaged teeth! Venetian dental crowns offer an attractive, conservative alternative to traditional metal and tooth-colored dental crowns. Dr. Samsavar will be happy to discuss the Venetian dental crowns procedure with you when you schedule a free consultation.

Our Venetian dental crowns look and feel like your natural teeth, only better! Because there is no metal framework involved, our Venetian dental crowns reflect light in a way that is similar to your natural teeth, so they blend in perfectly with the rest of your smile. X-rays see through Venetian dental crowns, so the health of your restored teeth can continue to be monitored during your routine dental check-ups at our practice.

Venetian dental crowns preserve more of your natural teeth! Only the removal of the decayed and unsupported portions of the teeth to be restored is required before our dental crowns are applied. During your dental crowns consultation at our office, Dr. Samsavar can tell you how much of your natural tooth can be saved.

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