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August 18, 2014

Juvederm Fillers: Helping Bellevue Residents Achieve Megawatt Grins

Posted under: Dentistry — Aalam Samsavar @ 9:58 pm

Have wrinkles around your mouth and nose left you feeling less than confident about your smile? If so,Juvederm fillers® may just help you feel self-assured again and add a few megawatts to your grin. They are one of the options that you’ll find available at our International Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry in Bellevue.

There are several different fillers that cosmetic dentists in Bellevue opt to offer their patients. Dr. Aalam Samsavar prefers to use FDA-approved Juvederm fillers® for a variety of reasons. For starters, it comes in two forms. One of the forms is designed for reducing wrinkles around the mouth and nose whereas the other is typically used to improve the appearance of the cheeks. So together, they may be used to enhance the appearance of a person’s entire face.

In addition, both forms make use of hyaluronic acid. It is a naturally occurring substance. Therefore, the human body is less apt to reject it. Furthermore, it is very effective at adding uniform volume and lasts quite a long time. As such, the amount of maintenance involved is decidedly less than other types of biogenic dermal fillers and the overall, finished appearance is very natural looking.

On top of that, the dermal fillers are safe enough to be administered by Dr. Aalam Samsavar at his cosmetic dentistry office in Bellevue. And that translates to no expensive hospital stays or costly downtime for Dr. Samsavar’s patients. Over time, the dermal fillers may also be combined with other cosmetic dentistry treatments too.

For instance, some of our International Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry patients like to get teeth whitening treatments, Invisalign® aligners, Venetian porcelain veneers or dental crowns before or after Juvederm filler® injections. Others prefer to just stick with the injections. To learn more about improving your smile with Juvederm fillers® and the other techniques that we mentioned, please contact our Bellevue cosmetic dentistry today.

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August 14, 2014

Bellevue Dentist Do’s and Don’ts for Active Job Seekers

Posted under: Dentistry — Aalam Samsavar @ 10:04 pm

Did you happen to notice the back issues of Marie Claire and the June 11th episode of NBC Nightly News. They each help put a personal spin on what sociologists, psychologists and Bellevue dentists have known for years. A brilliant smile can help attract the attention of potential employers far and wide. So to help all of you job seekers out there, Dr. Aalam Samsavar wanted to share his list of dos and don’ts:

Do take the time to learn about how nutrition may impact a person’s smile. Some items, like fiber dense vegetables and dairy products, may help strengthen your teeth whereas others may promote cavities and stain formation. Our Bellevue dentists would be delighted to provide additional information on which foods may prove to be job killers.

Don’t pass by the dental floss aisle without picking up a package. After all, using dental floss at least once a day may help stave off disease, decay and unnecessary tooth loss. And yes, there are forms of dental floss for people that wear braces, dentures and other appliances. So don’t let them stand in your way of achieving a job winning smile.

Do talk to your Bellevue dentist about Invisalign® invisible braces. As an August 2013 Marie Claire article pointed out, at best, the dentures may just help job seekers snag that next high paying position. At the very least, they’ll leave you with a better looking smile in time for the next round of interviews.

Don’t fail to schedule routine, face-to-face time with our Bellevue dentistry team. Taking such actions will help you address any oral health problems as they arise, which is important when it comes to maintaining a lifelong, beautiful smile.

Do try and book an initial smile makeover at least two weeks before you plan on job hunting. Depending on the condition of your teeth, we may be able to correct any cosmetic problems with our 10-day orthodontics and other resources that are at Dr. Aalam Samsavar’s disposal.

To learn more about the dos and don’ts of maintaining a smile potential employers will find hard to resist, please contact us at our Bellevue dentistry office straightaway.

Seattle and Bellevue Dentist

Cosmetic Dentist in Bellevue Weighs in on Mouthwash Claims

Posted under: Dentistry — Aalam Samsavar @ 9:57 pm

We’ve all seen the bottles on store shelves and watched the mouthwash commercials. Some mouth rinse manufacturers claim that their products will do everything from help people attract a mate to kill bacteria but are their assertions true? Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Aalam Samsavar weighs in:

Although there are a multitude of mouthwashes on the market today, most may be divided up into two main categories. The first category contains what’s referred to by dentists as cosmetic mouth rinses. They are the ones that do nothing more than temporarily cover up a person’s bad breath. So many cosmetic dentists opt not to recommend them to their patients.

The second category of mouthwashes known to Dr. Samsavar and other cosmetic dentists contains products that are designated as therapeutic. They receive such a designation because they have the ability to kill bacteria, reduce tooth decay, eliminate bad breath and prevent gum problems from occurring. As such, they tend to be highly recommended by Bellevue dentists.

Some cosmetic dentists, like Dr. Samsavar, even use therapeutic mouth rinses as part of their in-office treatments. He likes to use special gum washes and antibacterial rinses during organic dental cleaning, gingival hydro therapy and tongue exfoliation therapy. They, in conjunction with the procedures, help to get rid of bacteria and toxins as well as improve gum tissue health.

At this point, many people often ask Dr. Samsavar what they should look for in a therapeutic mouthwash. And we have to say, the answer will vary based on the patient’s specific situation. In some instances, our cosmetic dentist may suggest a rinse that contains broad-spectrum antimicrobial agents or essential oils. They are known to eliminate bacteria and lessen pain-inducing inflammation. In cases where the person may already have gingivitis, Dr. Samsavar may suggest a rinse that contains chlorhexidine instead.

To learn more about therapeutic mouth rinses and why cosmetic dentists like Dr. Samsavar choose to include them in their patients’ oral health care plans, please contact us today.

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July 15, 2014

Tooth Colored Fillings: A Great Option in downtown Bellevue

Posted under: Dentistry — Aalam Samsavar @ 8:33 am

Fillings have been around for centuries. In the early years, they consisted of materials like tin, gold, mercury, silver and copper. In subsequent decades, dentists began using other materials, including tooth colored fillings. Dr. A. Samsavar from the International Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry likes to offer his patients the later for several reasons.

Today’s tooth-colored fillings help Dr. Samsavar’s patients sport white, flawless, natural-looking smiles whereas metal fillings tend to stand out like sore thumbs. That’s because the tooth-colored filings are typically made with materials like porcelain, silica fillers and plastic resins. They also have a tendency to bond well to a tooth’s natural substances, absorb stress and reduce the need for undercutting. And Dr. Samsavar knows those features go a long way in making tooth-colored filling very resilient and effective.

Subsequently, he and his International Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry team utilize the tooth-colored fillings during indirect, semi-direct and direct restorative treatments. The type of tooth-colored filling procedure will depend on the patient’s unique needs, which are assessed during his or her first visit to Dr. Samsavar’s dentistry office. Direct fillings typically take the least amount of time to complete and indirect take the longest. Semi-direct fillings generally fall somewhere in between the other two dental treatments.

Once Dr. Samsavar and his International Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry team put the tooth-colored filling into position, the patient will have to make sure that he or she practices excellent oral hygiene. As such, Dr. Samsavar recommends using floss, fluoride toothpaste and a toothbrush on a daily basis. He also suggests that patients eat properly and return to the International Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry office for routine check-ups throughout the year. There are several different foods that are great for maintaining oral health and many that are not. The list of menu items to steer away from when you have tooth-colored fillings includes hard candies, sticky fruits, alcohol and acidic, sweet drinks. To learn more about receiving and taking care of tooth-colored fillings, please contact us today.

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July 8, 2014

Porcelain Veneers Make your Smile Shine!

Posted under: Dentistry — Aalam Samsavar @ 2:44 pm

Porcelain veneers are reasonable facsimiles of natural teeth and are the perfect answer to transform the appearance of teeth that are irregularly shaped, damaged, crooked, gapped, stained, uneven, fractured, chipped, worn, or discolored due to root canal treatment or large resin fillings in front teeth. A bright smile is the happy result when a multitude of flaws are concealed.

Cosmetic dentistry only requires a few visits, and there is no need for invasive or uncomfortable procedures. Veneers are translucent natural looking tooth-shaped ultra-thin shells made out of a type of strong porcelain, which are bonded directly to the front of the teeth with a laser to harden the special cement that is placed between the veneer and the tooth. Earlier, a tiny amount of the natural tooth has been buffed or removed to create the proper fit in the mouth and create shapely, aligned teeth with the color adjusted to match other teeth. A mold was taken and sent to the laboratory for fabrication of the veneers.

Professional and technical skill and cosmetic detail by your cosmetic dentist is required to sculpt each veneer individually to meet your specific needs.

It is almost impossible to tell the difference between a natural tooth and a veneer. Porcelain veneers also restore tooth function and resist staining better than natural teeth. However, daily flossing and brushing maintenance is needed to keep the adjacent and underlying teeth and the gums healthy. Also, continue to see your dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups. The veneers can last an amazing 15 years or more if properly cared for.

You can show off your smile with confidence at the end of the procedure, which makes it all worthwhile!

To further discuss porcelain veneers or any of our other helpful procedures, please visit our website orcontact us.  Thank you!

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July 6, 2014

Do-it-yourself Dental Drill!!!!!

Posted under: Dentistry — Aalam Samsavar @ 5:56 pm

The first Do it yourself Dental drill. Laughable but very scary.

Seattle and Bellevue Dentist

July 1, 2014

Get a Smile You Have Always Wanted With Cosmetic Dentistry

Posted under: Dentistry — Aalam Samsavar @ 2:41 pm

Do you ever look in the mirror and wish that there was a way to change something about your smile? Maybe you want straighter teeth. Perhaps you want to get your teeth whitened, so you can finally have the smile that you’ve always wanted. Or maybe you have a tooth missing from previous dental work and you’d like to get it replaced. If any of the previous statements have gone through your mind (or if you’ve had similar thoughts), a cosmetic dentist will undoubtedly be able to create the smile that you want and deserve.

But, you may be asking yourself, what exactly is cosmetic dentistry? Cosmetic dentistry is simply a form of dentistry that is dedicated to improving your smile. Cosmetic dentists can whiten teeth, bond your teeth, add veneers, as well as perform several other procedures that can make your smile a more beautiful one. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, Dr. Aalam Samsavar, DDS, is an example of an excellent cosmetic dentist that will be able to make your dream smile a reality.

Although cosmetic dentistry will be able to make your smile look a lot more attractive, what else can this type of dentistry do for you? One very important thing that cosmetic dentistry can do is fix certain types of pain associated with the mouth, gums, and teeth. Overbites, underbites, overcrowding of the teeth, and even teeth that have grown in awkward places or angles can be fixed with cosmetic dentistry.


If you are currently experience these or similar issues, it is surely a relief to learn that they can be corrected with cosmetic dentistry. However, you will undoubtedly want to know how these conditions are corrected. One condition that many individuals suffer from is an overbite. An overbite is a condition in which the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth. This condition can result in improper function of the teeth, pain, excessive wear of the lower front teeth, as well as unnatural appearance of the teeth. In mild cases of an overbite, it can be easily corrected through the use of braces which can be applied to the teeth by a cosmetic dentist. In more serious cases of an overbite, the condition may be corrected through jaw surgery and further orthodontic treatment, which can be provided by Dr. Aalam Samsavar.

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June 26, 2014

Dentistry that is Worth Being on Display!

Posted under: Dentistry — Aalam Samsavar @ 1:50 pm

It’s no secret that if well taken care of, human teeth can last for millions of years. Case in point, in 2012, archaeologists uncovered a dental filling that was believed to be at least 6,500 years old. Made of beeswax, it’s now on display with other Neolithic artifacts in an Italian museum near Trieste. It isn’t the onlydentistry office’s handiwork to have received museum status either. For proof, check out the recent headlines coming out of the United Kingdom.

It seems that teeth taken from two famous, deceased singers are making the rounds to dentistry offices located throughout the country. The two stars whose teeth are the subject of the traveling exhibits are Elvis Presley and John Lennon. Elvis’s tooth features crown work that was completed in the winter of 1971 and Lennon’s molar is said to date back to sometime in the mid to late 1960s. Their public display is said to be all part of an effort to draw attention to the important role that dentistry offices play in early oral cancer detection.

Of course Italy and the United Kingdom are not the only countries where a person can admire a dentist’s skills. There are many dental museums located in the United States too. Among them are the National Museum of Dentistry (Baltimore), the Sindecuse Museum of Dentistry (Michigan), Macaulay Museum of Dental History (South Carolina) and the Historical Dental Museum at Temple University (Pennsylvania). Collectively, they contain everything from former U.S. President George Washington’s dentures to a bucket of extracted teeth that were used as advertising materials by the late dentist, Edgar Randolf Rudolf “Painless” Parker.

At the International Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry in Washington, we appreciate fine dental work too. However, you won’t find our handiwork sitting in glass museum cases. Instead, you’ll see it in the happy, healthy smiles of Dr. A. Samsavar’s patients. And we all know that looking into happy, smiling faces is the best way to appreciate impeccable dental work. To learn more about Dr. A. Samsavar and how our International Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry staff works to help keep everyone smiling, please contact us today.

Seattle and Bellevue Dentist

June 21, 2014

Organic Dental Cleaning in Bellevue

Posted under: Dentistry — Aalam Samsavar @ 2:45 pm

As a Bellevue dentist, Dr. A. Samsavar often fields questions about organic dental cleaning. It’s one of the many services that he provides at his cosmetic dental spa in the greater Seattle area. So today, we wanted to highlight the important benefits associated with organic oral health:

Less Chemical Exposure – One of the main benefits of choosing organic dental cleaning methods is that it limits greater Seattle residents’ exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. Take off the shelf toothpastes as examples. Many of them contain triclosan, sodium lauryl sulphates and parabens. All three of which have been associated with health problems.

Healthy Ingredients – In addition, many organic dental cleaning products are good for you too. Licorice root is a great illustration of that point. It is often used in organic dental care products to control plaque and cavities. However, it is also a known ant-bacterial agent. So it can help keep oral infections at bay as well. The list of other organic dental product ingredients that are affiliated with multiple health benefits includes hawthorn berry, amla, xylitol, bilberry root, aloe vera juice and tulsi oil.

Potential Money Savers – Because ingredients used in organic oral healthcare tend to be multipurpose and readily available, they could also prove to be cost effective for some individuals. The list of low-cost products that may help in that regard includes, but is not restricted to baking soda, clove oil, hydrogen peroxide, table salt and sage.

Holistic Approach – Finally, organic dental cleaning methods also go hand in hand with holistic approaches to oral health. A holistic approach benefits patients because it takes into account systemic causes and effects. For example, poor oral health has been linked to other conditions like osteoporosis, HIV and diabetes. Therefore, dentists that take a holistic approach to care may be able to help patients identify problems early on and slow the disease’s projected development.

To learn more about these benefits and how our Bellevue dentist’s spa services may help people naturally maintain their smiles, please contact us.

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June 19, 2014

Cosmetic Dentistry in Bellevue Discusses the Complexity of a Smile!

Posted under: Dentistry — Aalam Samsavar @ 2:52 pm

Many people have come to rely on cosmetic dentists to help them obtain perfect smiles. But what exactly is a perfect smile? Is it a one size fits all kind of thing or something much more personal? Lean in close while our Greater Seattle dental team weighs in:

The act of smiling, from a physiological standpoint, is surprising complex. It requires a series of muscles and nerves to work in concert with one another. Among them are the frontalis, platysma, orbicularis oris and orbicularis oculi. And amazingly, not everyone has the same facial muscles, gum line, teeth structure or skull dimensions. So the ideal smile for one person may not be the best one for another.

That’s where the services of a cosmetic dentist like Dr. A. Samsavar can help. Dr. Samsavar is the type of cosmetic dentist that approaches the concept of a perfect smile from a broad perspective. As such, during smile makeovers, he takes into account all aspects of a person’s facial structure and lifestyle into consideration.

For some people, engaging in daily smile exercises, eating healthy foods and using organic cleaning products may be all that’s needed to create a beautiful smile. Other individuals may need extensive dental work, tongue exfoliation therapy and BOTOX injections instead. Therefore, Dr. Samsavar will only know how to truly perfect someone’s smile after meeting with him or her face-to-face.

However, there are actions that everyone can take to help improve their looks. The healthy diet and smile exercises that we mentioned earlier are just two of them. A healthy diet will help support the person’s gums, teeth, nerves and facial muscles whereas the exercises will aid in toning his or her face. Dr. Samsavar is one cosmetic dentist that is more than willing to teach his patients how to eat teeth smart and do those exercises the proper way. To learn more about those exercises and how cosmetic dentists can help people fully appreciate their own beautiful smiles, please contact us.

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